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Traffic Surveyors understand the appreciation of existing traffic and travel characteristics is vastly important to boost wide-ranging traffic and transportation plan.
With extreme years of experience in survey services viz. Traffic survey, Pedestrian count, Vehicle parking, Origin-destination survey and associated services, Traffic Surveyors brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to your upcoming projects.
Traffic Surveyors is the first choice for civil engineers, transportation engineers & consulting engineers when traffic counts and associated surveys needs to be done promptly and accurately.

Our Services


Axle Load Survey

Axle load survey is needed to generate data for pavement design. Portable weigh bridges are very useful for this purpose.

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Rail Gate Crossing Survey

Rail gate crossing survey is to replace Present criteria of railway level crossings with over bridges/ underpasses are based on the product of gate.

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Pedestrian Survey

The main objective of Pedestrian survey is to assess the pedestrian flow along and across the intersecting arm at important junction and mid blocks to suggest improvement for safe movement

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Origin-Destination Survey

When a new road is being planned, or extensive improvements are to be carried out to an existing road, or a bypass is under consideration.

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Speed And Delay Survey

Highway improvements result in speeding up traffic and reducing jamming. Speed and delay studies on the existing facility provide the basis.

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Public Transport Survey

The objective of this survey to understand the need of public transport user characteristics (origin, destination, mode, trip length and travel cost),

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